Project Complete! Residential, Hillsborough

We are pleased to announce the completion of our 1st residential project here in Northern Ireland. Working alongside Jane D Burnside Architects, we developed a lighting scheme to express the large internal volumes without introducing visual clutter and breaking the clean lines set out in the architectural package. By using layers of light controlled via a KNX system with Black Quarter AV we have been able to tune the lighting scene to create the right balance for a comforting home ambiance.

Large circular Sattler Pendants where selected for below the dining area skylight for their transparency and atmospheric quality as a more solid fixture would compromise the clear ceiling zone and to provide a centre focal point within the open kitchen, living and dining space. Low level Light Graphix step lights anchor the lighting scheme and provide excellent late night circulation lighting throughout.

As with any project we are keen to receive client feedback and ensure that the lighting scheme delivers for their specific requirements, especially for high end residential projects. All comments have been very positive and we believe we have delivered a lighting scheme which is not only practical, functional but is also visually interesting.