Why use

Light is a difficult medium not only to understand but to apply and integrate within a project, the role of the lighting consultant is to bridge the gap between engineer and architect/designer.

To interpret the overall aesthetical vision of the space and enhance it by introducing lighting elements to blend seamlessly with the architecture, creating memorable and atmospheric spaces for each individual project.

Lighting design is an integral part of any project and should not be an afterthought applied towards project completion, but discussed and developed from the out-set of the project, as the success of many schemes are intrinsically linked with how it is perceived through artificial light.


Light360, this is an independent lighting consultancy based in the UK part of the Caldwell Group which has been trading for over 50+ years bring together experience working in many construction sectors.

As a separate company within the Caldwell’s Group, Light360 is solely devoted to developing high end quality lighting schemes, working alongside leading industry professionals such as architects, interior designers, Engineers and other industry creatives.


Our team consists of creative and experienced designers with administrators from disciplines as diverse as architecture, product design and various engineering disciplines provides the Practice with a unique resource, enabling Light360 to produce the very best solutions possible.

damien mckay independent lighting consultant

Damien McKay (Design Director)

Over 14 years’ experience in architectural lighting design, working alongside some of the world’s leading architectural practices on projects in 15+ countries worldwide. Damien’s unique professional background has enabled him to develop an overall skill set from collaborations on niche boutique hotel projects to large scale international public realm lighting schemes to private luxury yachts, each providing their own set of challenges and rewards. From the initial concept stages, right through to completion and handover, Damien has worked as an integral part of the design team to achieve the clients brief.

mark taylor independent lighting consultant

Mark Taylor (Director)

Mark has worked with other leading designers within the lighting industry for 25+ years and understands the gap often formed between design, technical delivery, integration, coordination, budget and programme.

With experience that encompasses commercial, retail, heritage, residential and hospitality projects he is well placed to undertake client briefing and manage the implementation of the lighting scheme through to project handover.

Katherine kearney independent lighting consultant

Katherine Kearney (Senior Designer)

Having a keen interest in Architectural Lighting after completing her Interior Design degree in Liverpool, Katherine worked in design studios in Dublin & London before joining the Light360 team. Her experience includes many high end hospitality & retail projects across the UK and Ireland over the past 3+ years.

After developing an understanding of how different materials and textures behave when artificially illuminated, she is strives to ensure a balanced lighting design that works in harmony with the buildings architecture to achieve the desired atmosphere of each individual zone.

Ben Parker (Assistant Designer)

Ben joins the team from previous experience in the field of electrical engineering.

He is eager to develop his creative side of the valuable technical skill set he already possess.